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Updated:  December 11, 2016

News Update

November 8, 2016 - Updated web server and email address.More updates required to all web pages on this site, as there may be more broken links.


Links to our past and present photo galleries.


Ginny ís been sewing up a storm, making quilts for many family members and charitable donations.Current hobby and no end in sight?


The state of Delaware is our current home. Taking the opportunity to explore the surrounding area. We have also recently completed another cross-country road trip by way of Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and New Orleans. Follow our recent adventures on Facebook.


Old News

Karl and Ginnyís past hobby, wood carving phase.Check out their portfolio of projects.


Ginny has been photographing her grandfatherís paintings and sketches for relatives to see.Here you can see all of the paintings and sketches photographed to date of Andrew Dirksmeier (1894-1983).The initial paintings were done when he was 16 years old.The later paintings done were when he was legally blind.If anyone has any other not photographed please contact me.Thank you.


We unfortunately lost Karís father March 3, 2005.Tung Wing Chung.


Check out Karl's little fish that he caught on our Alaska cruise (King Salmon 35.5 lbs.)

Points of Interest

images/yeldot.gif"Flat Stanley & Karl's Big Adventure" (10/2000)
images/yeldot.gifPictures from our Germany tour and visit to the "homeland". (08/2000)
images/yeldot.gifPictures from our Grand Tetons and Yellowstone adventure. (08/1999)
images/yeldot.gifPictures of Old Faithful at Yellowstone. (08/1999)
images/yeldot.gifAction shot of Gallatin River whitewater rafting. (08/1999)
images/yeldot.gifPictures from our Bermuda cruise. (10/1998)
images/yeldot.gifPictures from our Italian vacation. (11/1997)

images/yeldot.gifThe Family Tree
images/yeldot.gifThe Photo Gallery

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